Heart rate monitors, for All Fitness and health enthusiasts

There has been a huge amount of hype in the media about heart rate monitors ,fat burning zones and optimum training zones. There is a method for calculating these heart rates,( it has 5-10 bpm margin error),called the Karvonen Formula. The level that you choose to train your heart rate depends on the goals you hope to achieve. Generally speaking, training ranges for fat burning can start at lower heart range of about 50%, however training for a competitive event you may like to train at a higher level with a lower range of 70-80%.

There are 2 energy systems used by the body, aerobic and anaerobic.The aerobic system is when energy is produced with oxygen present. The aerobic system is capable of producing large amounts of energy, using carbohydrates and fat stores, without simultaneously generating by products that fatigue the body. Training for fat loss, or for distance events would involve aerobic exercise. The training zone for the aerobic system can begin from a lower range of about 50%. The upper range in this zone depends on your fitness level. If your body is struggling and you a breathing heavily, your body will move into the anaerobic energy system.

The anaerobic energy system is used when the intensity of an activity increases to a point when there is not enough oxygen present to meet the body’s energy demands. This energy system uses glycogen as its primary energy source, as glycogen is a fast release energy. The anaerobic system is used in sudden bursts of activity, such as short sprints.This system can only be maintained for a couple of minutes,as one reaches their anaerobic threshold, where they are producing the maximum amount of lactic acid, which inhibits the muscles working effectively.

This can often be seen when 400 metre runners “hit the wall,” as their legs begin to feel like pieces of lead as the lactic acid accumlates in the muscles and inhibits their performance. Training the anaerobic system would involve working at a heart rate zone from 90-100%.

I have explained these two energy systems, as it is important to recognise the differences between the two when setting your own training programme. Different sports require the use of different energy sources, therefore it is important to be training the right system to gain great results in your event!

As my business is around looking good on stage for my show at Magic Men Live Its very important I make sure my heart Monitor is functional and working. Even with my other business with MIA Male revue its crucial that I keep on top of calories using my heart monitor. As know one wants to see a sloppy man doing his thing.

Establishing your training zone can be a good starting point, however your own perceived level of exertion is also a good measure for your training. One must consider outside stresses of work, family, environment which may effect your energy levels on any one day. When using heart rate monitors, one should be aware that certain medications, such as medications for blood pressure and anti-depressants can influence blood pressure, it is important to consider this when looking at your heart rate.