Nose reshaping with Botox Injections in Melbourne


If major correction is not required to your nose, you can avoid surgery and lengthy downtime with a non-surgical option. The alternative is nose reshaping using either temporary filler or a permanent injectable implant. Administered with a fine needle using local anaesthetic, this alternative to rhinoplasty surgery can cause some swelling or bruising but there is much less discomfort and downtime than surgery requires, patients choosing to return to work within 48 hours. 

With the non-surgical option you can:

  • Camouflage the bump or hook of the nose
  • Elongate or lift up the tip of the nose
  • Build up the bridge of the nose
  • Correct a slightly crooked nose

Building up a flat bridge of the nose is the most popular procedure with patients performed by our experienced Cosmetic Doctors.

The procedure takes around 20 minutes and many of our patients choose the end of the day appointments to allow the initial swelling to reduce overnight. 

Cosmetic Image clinics strongly recommend that you ‘test drive’ the look with temporary filler before opting for a permanent injectable implant solution. 


A major effect on the face that appears after weight loss and ageing is lost volume. Loss of elasticity in the skin causes the mid-face (cheeks) and jowls to droop, while causing a more flatter appearance of the face as gravity takes hold. 

To fight these signs of ageing, dermal filler ‘volumisers’ are available to restore lost facial volume and skin tone with natural looking results. For a more sculpted look fillers are also available to enhance cheekbones and conceal the jowls, at the same time reducing lines and wrinkles.

We also recommend getting your eyebrows micro bladded to help add expression to your face. We use a local girl in Melbourne, Here is her website: