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About us

We are a health and fitness page catering specifically for women’s needs. This site is designed to provide information on all areas of your fitness programme, and can design and monitor your programme via e-mail. These programmes are set, based on the information provided in your medical / fitness questionnaire. This will include questions on medical history, exercise background, equipment available and time available for your training sessions at home. We write programmes in all areas of health, fat loss, muscle toning, muscle bulk, fitness, sports performance and for stress management. Your programme will be set in 6 week blocks, and you can write in to receive advice from your trainer at any time during your programme. If you require any other assistance with your programme, you can book an appointment with one of our trainers. Edwina Griffin, owner of her own women’s personal training studio in Sydney since1995, designs all home programmes specifically to your needs. In order to take part in our programme, you must set realistic goals, be happy to advance in incremental stages, and most importantly have fun!