Eyebrow Tattoo Melbourne Costs and health prevention.

Gone are the days when eyebrows have to be thin. Thick, lush, but neat and nicely-shaped eyebrows have been the trend as of late. In order to get that perfect brow, a lot of women have decided to go for tattoo eyebrows. What encouraged those women to make such a decision? Well, either their natural eyebrows were barely visible or they have gotten tired of putting on make-up every day.

Since your eyebrows greatly affect your look, it is also important to know what kind of eyebrow shape suits you. Yes, there isn’t just one shape for all, as this will depend on your hair style, the shape of your face, and other features (such as your eyes). Keep the following tips in mind as you look for the right eyebrow style:

If your face is long, you need an eyebrow that is straight and flat. This will give an illusion that your face has become shorter. For oval-shaped faces, slightly curved tattoo eyebrows are good. High arched eyebrows suit a round-shaped face, with the end pointing downwards to make the face appear longer. Round eyebrows, on the other hand, are perfect for those with heart-shaped faces, as the eyebrows complement the faces’ shape. If you have a short heart-shaped face, a high-arched round brow is best for you, while a low-arched round brow should provide a more natural look. To soften the strong features of a square-shaped face, choose an eyebrow with a curve. By the way, having thick brows will balance the face’s square shape. For diamond-shaped faces, a curved eyebrow does the trick, making the widest part of the face appear less wide while softening the curves.

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